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Hey there! I'm Shizuka McCool (Aka Real-Life Calliope) and this is my blog!
I post a lot of stuff fandom-related, (Mostly Homestuck) and on occasion, my cosplays and photography!
I have a dark sense of humor so please don't take anything I say too seriously.

Calliope x John, tbh.

Part 2/2

I’m an alright sewer nothing special, few weeks back I made the pink leg warmer you will see in the pictures it wasn’t too hard so I could always commission those in what ever color you’d want etc. The boots you see you might recognize them, they are maka albarns shoes from Soul Eater. Those were the very first thing I made when I got into cosplay they are pretty worn down since I’ve worn them to two cons and only recently made them last year. I could easily make cosplay shoes for people since sometimes people would like more spot on shoes rather than plain sneakers or dress shoes.

I’m not too excited on making props since I’ve only ever made one and that is the scythe. (again belongs to Maka Albarn from Soul Eater ) It isn’t very good but it stand very nicely hasn’t fallen apart but has gotten beat up and formed a bit from movong. I could always commission props but it’d be somewhat expensive for materials but depending on the item I’d prefer to do nothing too big like a weapon unless it’s something small like a knife or something.

That concludes part 2/2 Thank you yet again if you read both parts. And again if you have any question, concerns, or recommendations then please inbox me or try to contact me through my email: (sorry for the dorky email) Thank you so much!

Part 1/2
Okay so I’d really like to commission things for people except I have a couple of problem the biggest one is I’m afraid people won’t like the item once they get it. ( I could always do a 100% refund thing) but the problems are for different things, I’ll start of talking about drawing commissions.

I’m not that good at drawing but I do consider my “art” fairly well drawn the only downside to drawing is other than ponies I suck at drawing original product. But if someone did want me to draw something I’d limit them to anime style, chibi, bands (without people just symbols and other stuff like the creature feature drawing.) Or just plain animation. Onto my next item.

Horns, for me at least, are the easiest things to do out of all these different commission ideas. There really is basically no problem with commissioning horns, I can make just about every troll horn there is (with the exception of rufioh, the summoner, grand high blood and all those really giant ones.) I could probably make fan troll horns too if the person gave me a reference. The one thing I’m afraid of is shipping. If the horns break while mailing I’d feel so bad, I would give them like 3/4 (or even 1/2) of what they paid but I’d still be upset.
That concludes part 1/2 (thank you for reading this and I’d love it if you people would inbox me questions or anything like that, even concerns or recommended prices for drawings/horns.)

Me:Mom…. dad…. I’m draco
Mom: oh it’s okay honey we respect your decisions
Dad: as long as you aren’t kawaii draco things are fine.
Me: I’m sorry dad…
Dad: *sigh*

Hey guys I’ve never mentioned that I have an instagram. I have one from displays and one for personal stuff.
Cosplay ig: flowercrownjohn
Personal if: sean_and_ride
I do have the privacy lock thing on my personal so if i don’t accept immediately don’t get spooked



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BOND is a tiny touch module. It can be a pendant or a bracelet but it comes in pairs. You keep one and you give one to a friend. When you touch it, your friend feels it. No matter where they are on the planet. We don’t do tweets, we do tickles.

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