Real-Life Calliope
Can you WURM? I can.

Hey there! I'm Shizuka McCool (Aka Real-Life Calliope) and this is my blog!
I post a lot of stuff fandom-related, (Mostly Homestuck) and on occasion, my cosplays and photography!
I have a dark sense of humor so please don't take anything I say too seriously.

Calliope x John, tbh.

Baby's first words
In America: Mom
In England: Mum
In Spain: Mama
In Brazil: Please come to Brazil

This is from a meet up I had. I’m the Maid!John and the faun!John. The Roxy in the pictures is my moirail <>


is this still a thing we’re doing?


(Source: viclockians)


is this still a thing we’re doing?

(Source: viclockians)

" Shizuka’s got it going ONNNNN~ "
—Davey Vaan Wolfeslayer 
memepora sent:

Why do you have such a cool moirail


memepora sent:

Hello, Ms. McCool. Do you have a moment to speak about MEMES? (-:



I had a huge stash of candy right next to me…. It’s gone now.. I am now sad

Hello friends

>frantically searches to a 14 male john to date, who lives in Washington and goes to kumoricon… This is harder than you’d think